Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’ve never done a meditation, set an intention, or twisted myself into a yoga position in my life? Can I still come to Tulum, or is this too advanced or me?
Is this too basic for me?
Do I need to be a great dancer? What’s up with the dancing?
What’s Tulum like?
Do I have to share a room?
Will I get to explore?
How many participants will there be?
Is this retreat open to anyone?
Is this a co-ed retreat?
Will we be doing a bunch of hocus pocus chanting and mystical things?
Can I bring a friend/spouse/neighbor for a discount?
I know Carmen LOVES raw food, but do I have to eat all raw during the retreat?
Is there WIFI and cell service?
Can I come early or stay later?
How much time will we get to spend with Carmen?
I'm trying to price out flights and my total cost - what are the travel details?
What’s the cancellation policy?
I have a question that isn't addressed here. Who should I contact??

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