What if there were a place, both close and far away, on the other side of a never ending ocean and mystical jungles… where you could finally let GO.


A place where your routine got an eviction notice.

Your obligations? Ousted.

Your worries, uncertainties, and self-doubts, exiled.

Where you can finally, (finally) discover a whole reservoir of sweet, peaceful never-before-had time, all to yourself, to focus on nothing but what, exactly, you’re going to do to make your life…

One you’ll never want to fast forward through.


Let me put down my tea, and whisper

a little secret into your ear:


There is such a place.

Carmen Marshall's Tulum Wellness Retreat | Create a Life You Love

…And it was made for people just like you and me.

For those of us who want more than a normal existence.

More than a seemingly successful life that looks good on the outside.

More than a “I’m pretty good, thanks.”

For those of us who crave our higher potential, but can’t seem to get there. Or maybe for those who are almost there, but there’s still that something missing. You know that something — the void you feel, but can’t quite put your finger on.


THAT something.


For those of us crazy enough to follow the hunch that life is supposed to be amazing. And not just fireworks-and-cartwheels-exciting, but a quiet, fluttering happiness that comes when you’re living from a place of inspiration; a place of joy.

For those of us who have lost that I-love-my-life feeling (and KNOW it doesn’t have to stay lost.)

For those hell-bent on waking up to live on purpose, with purpose.

Whether you’ve got it (almost) together, or everything’s (almost) falling apart, there’s a gap between where you’re at, and where your potential lies, and that gap?


Is exactly what this place is for.

Carmen Marshall's Tulum Wellness Retreat | Create a Life You Love

There is a place, hidden far from the world and its expectations, tucked gently away in secret…in you and in magical Tulum. Where the nagging voice inside that’s been politely tugging on your tee-shirt and saying, “Excuse me, where do I go from here? What’s my purpose? Which way to a life of joy, connection and inspiration?”, can be heard and listened to.

There is a place, one where you have the space and time to ask the important questions  And most importantly, the answers easily reveal themselves, one truth-petal at a time.

There is a place where you won’t just discover the life you’ve been looking for, but you’ll rediscover the person within who can create that life.

There is a place that won’t just let you visit it, but will forevermore, come to re-visit you. In your thoughts. In your dreams. In your memory. And in your smile, as the future you thinks back and fondly remembers the place that changed EVERYTHING.


There is a place.


And that place stands for you.


And it’s here…


As soon as you’re ready to stand up for you, too.


Stand Up For YOU Create a Life You Love Tulum Wellness Retreat


Carmen Marshall's Tulum Wellness Retreat | Create a Life You Love

Because if you’re not working towards your purpose, you’re working against it.




Connection. Dance. And real world spirituality that doesn’t crush your spirit. (Or make you roll your eyes.)

Vibrations. Manifestation. And all the other stuff you think doesn’t work? But does.

Healthy living. Exploration. And heavy doses of self-care and reflection. (Because it’s time you made it a priority.)


And most of all?


The joy of experiencing life. And experiencing life in the incredible, mystical Tulum.

Carmen Marshall will teach you to create a life you love at her Tulum RetreatCarmen and her life mission is focused entirely on the concept that you can live your ideal life once you’re given the tools to do so. Most people end up stumbling, tripping or falling through life, undeliberately, not because they aren’t smart, or they aren’t driven, or they’re completely uncoordinated–wink–but because no one’s ever given them the tools, the mindset or the access to the life they deserve to be living.

Lifestyle design


Joyful, Connected, Inspired Living


Intentional Manifestation


Co-Creating With Life


Call it what you want but the truth is this:


There’s a world of possibility waiting for you out there.

Tulum is a place where you could finally let GO

And it’s up to you and I to stop standing the world (and ourselves) up.

In May of 2014, Carmen held the very first Create a Life You Love 8 Day Retreat, set in one of the most magical, uplifting places in the world: Bali.

We’ve now been to Bali twice and in 2018, we’ll be exploring a whole new, but intensely magical place called Tulum – tucked away in an untouched area of Mexico. This Luxe Create A Life You Love Retreat with incredible 5 star accommodations. This location was not what we had planned — it’s so. much. more.

And guess what?

You’re not only invited — you’re our VIP.

The Retreat

October 20-27, 2018

Tulum, Mexico


Eight days is all it takes to change your life forever.

Carmen Marshall's Create a Life You Love Tulum Wellness RetreatUnder the guidance of Carmen, you’ll spend an entire, glorious, jungle & ocean  filled, relaxing week focusing on Carmen’s exclusive, proprietary process for achieving a life you love, and gaining the clarity that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.

These are the same life values that have established Carmen as one of the top lifestyle experts in the world, and they’re the same values that will change everything.

During the retreat, you’ll be radically inspired to get your life together, once and for all, and have a plan to experience it the way you want to in terms of your health, wealth, purpose, clarity, and self-confidence about exactly where you’re headed.

There will be dancing. There will be yoga.

There will be incredible, healthy foods.

There will be journaling, exploring, group discussion, and personal reflection.

There will be jungle. And beaches. And everything you’re imagining the white sand beaches of Tulum to be.

But most importantly?



There will be you.


Showing up for yourself, once and for all.

Create a Life You Love Retreats

This Luxe Retreat Enthusiastically Includes:


Workshops + Materials

Create a Life You Love Retreats

Carmen will supportively teach you all you need to know about self-designing your ideal life — and then actually manifesting it to happen.  Carmen is always growing, learning and exploring human potential as she lives and travels around the world.  Her unique gift is being to teach everything in a concise, effective and FUN way, that WORKS.




Dance, Yoga + Breath-Work Sessions

Tulum is a place where you can practice yoga with Carmen Marshall

Embracing movement is one of the best ways to reach a higher vibration of joy, and even if you’ve never danced a day in your life (or you’re really shy), you’re going to leave in love with both dancing + yoga…. and your breath again.

I promise.



Exceptional Meals

Exceptional meals at Carmen Marshall's Tulum Wellness retreatsUber Healthy. Vegan, Vegetarian, + Raw experiences. The cost of your retreat includes 2 5-star dining experiences* to restaurants that have made Tulum a sought-after dining destination. Because when you take care of your body physically, you’re able to focus better mentally. And we like good mental focus, because it helps us reach our goals even faster.



Luxe Accomodations

Luxe Accomodations

We’re staying at the most luxe location at Sanara Tulum, right on the ocean. You’ll be sleeping in gorgeous shared rooms granting you the opportunity to connect with another person on the retreat while still having the time for personal meditation. I hadn’t planned on holding a retreat in Tulum….until I visited myself. The energy here is one-of-a-kind and I simply couldn’t hold this retreat anywhere else.



Exploration of Tulum

exploration tulum beach retreatTulum is an extraordinary place like no other in terms of the clean, gorgeous energy and the beauty that surrounds you, inspiring your personal magic and offering distinct, newfound type of clarity. So you’ll have the chance to see it all–from the great Mayan ruins (you’ll be amazed) to the magical greenery that surrounds you from every angle, beckoning you to lean into nature, and lean into your soul. (Did we mention that because of the climate, your skin even feels good? Trust us. It’s amazing.)



Exclusive Time With Carmen

Create a life you love in Tulum with Carmen Marshall

This retreat grants you & the group the opportunity to see how someone who has mastered living life intentionally, with abundance, balance, and confidence lives. From her morning routines to how she cares for her spirit, emotions and soul, her insights will be invaluable and inspiring, adding to your arsenal of self-love and future prosperity, and you’ll all be together as much as possible during the week so we can all learn from one another in creating the life we love.



Immediate Support + Guidance

Tulum Wellness Retreat Features support

As soon as you register, you’ll receive unfettered access to an invite-only Facebook Group designed exclusively to support, encourage, and inspire you before, during, and after your journey. While it can be simple to meditate in your head while perched peacefully on the beach in Tulum, you’ll learn how to take the lessons you’ve learned during the retreat and apply them seamlessly to your one real, important + genuine life. (This is important to us.)




Freedom to love at Carmen Marshall's Create a Life you Love Retreat

The permission to experience as much as you can as often as possible. You’ll receive the permission to love. There will be connections with people, and connections with yourself, all while granting you the ability to make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of everyone around you. Also included? The permission to live.



Additional Surprises, Tools & FUN Built Into Every Single Thing We Do

Additional fun and surprises

We’ll be playing BIG with Eastern & Western philosophies, dipping into the arts, experimenting with intention setting (just wait–it’s more scientific than you might know), singing, drawing, dancing and more–all as a deliberate way to experience more fun, more joy, more bliss, and different ways of being to create a life you love. And never apologize once.

Retreat Investment

$3,899 – $4,399 USD*

What’s included? Almost everything*! Your transportation from the airport, accommodations, 2 incredible dining experiences, your workshops, outings and exploration, your materials and even our secret (shhh!) fun surprises for you all all included in the cost. No stress. No worries. Just 100% focus on you, and your experience.

*Food and drink outside of the two 5-star restaurant experiences, is not included. All other meals are a la carte at Sanara’s incredible, world-renown onsite restaurant – so you can choose the food + drink that suits you. Transportation from/to the airport is included if you arrive in time for the group vans (details will be provided very early on so you can make appropriate travel plans). Spa services and time for massages are available, but the cost of your spa services is not included.

You’ll want to book ASAP, because we’re working on a first come, first serve basis, and that means that those who book sooner get the confidence and tranquility in knowing that they’ve taken a really big step forward in their own self-care….and can start prepping for the trip with our private Soul Craft™ Forum (and posting bragworthy updates on Facebook!) with a big, open-hearted smile on their face.

*Flight to Tulum unfortunately not included. Ditto those strange-looking yet surprisingly comfortable U-shaped head rests for the plane. ;)